News and Events

December 2012
Interacesso develops new telephone conference solution in UCoIP

May 2012
Interacesso is certified by NP EN ISO9001: 2008 in after-sales services provision activities and 1st line Help-desk Support

September 2011
Interacesso develops Fax-to-Mail and Web-to-Fax solution .

May 2011
Interacesso develops an unified communications platform over IP (UCoIP) solution for integrating voice and data.

September 2010
Interacesso develops and provides CLOUD HOSTING solution .

July 2009
Interacesso adopts concept of Managed Services Provider (MSP).

November 2007
Interacesso present in the 3rd Innovation Portuguese Days conference.

March 2007
Interacesso reformulates hosting platforms.

September 2006
Interacesso email platforms integrates anti-virus and anti-spam solutions.

May 2005
Interacesso implements Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) solution int ISP network.

September 2004
Interacesso implements ADSL ISP system provision .

February 2003
Interacesso develops Simplesnet customer care portal.

January 2002
Interacesso develops and hosts Electronic trading platform.

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