Information and Web servers Hosting


The Web hosting systems of INTERACESSO allow the corporate image of your organization to be online.
The hosting services Interacesso sites allow you to register a Portuguese domain name (.pt, ., .com, .org, .eu, etc.).

 The hosting platform can be in Windows (W2008) or Linux servers, with MySQL databases and Plesk Platform. Also available are PHP and Perl scripts.


If you have already a suitable server, you can host it on our premises. INTERACESSO is able to assure excellent connectivity, 24-hour support, and the expertise of its technicians. We also provide Managed Services, ie Interacesso ensure the monitoring, management and security of your equipment.

This option is suitable for businesses who already have web servers and want a technically suitable facility to its platform.


INTERACESSO provides redundant, virtual servers, taking advantage of the most advanced virtualization technologies market, enabling high levels of availability and resource optimization. These virtual servers can be used individually or combined into more complex structures, so as to provide enhanced accommodation solutions.

Supported in a fully redundant environment of servers, storage, backup, firewall and load-balancing, connected to a high-performance Gigabit backbone, the CLOUD services of INTERACESSO were designed with the most advanced technologies for availability, resiliency and cost control:
• Dell servers Infrastructure in a clustered environment
• Redundant Storage EMC SAN / NAS drives with SATA, SAS or Fibre Channel
• Hypervisors VMware including all components of high-availability
• Resilient Network
• Infrastructure managed 24/7
• infrastructure, managed under 24/7, scalable and redundant.

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