Convergent IP Solutions

INTERACESSO convergent solutions integrates IP telephony, VoIP technology in a data and voice platform based on a unified communications over IP (UCoIP) system, with inherent advantages in scalability and robustness of the solution.

The solution
Based only on network cabling, there is a decoupling between the number of the extension and outlet serving the workplace: if the worker relocate just take the phone with maintaining the configuration of their extension.

The scalability of the number of voice channels abroad is no longer dependent on technical constraints, such as the number of ISDN ports and the PBX ports.

Key benefits of the UCoIP solution
Increment features associated with voice services via both terminal equipment and the services of the UCoIP system, improving the user experience associated with the fixed telephone service, cost savings in the fees allocated to telecommunications services (voice and data) and flexibility in implementing solutions for monitoring growth of customer needs. 

- Advanced call center features an outsourcing model, without the need for investment and risk of obsolescence.
- Interconnection of several geographic locations at no cost in a unified virtual PBX, with the inherent advantages such as call transfer between geographically dispersed extensions, call forwarding, conferencing, etc. ..
- Expansion of the number of extensions / phones with reduced investment (solution only depending on the telecommunications equipment and network infrastructure).
- Possibility to hire special numbering 707, 800 and 808 with call management features, automated attendant, etc ...
- Advanced customization possibilities (messages, extensions identification, music on hold, personalized service, locks, parking, conference).
- Possibility of advanced messaging (monitoring panel, voicemails email notifications).
- Possibility of integration with Costumer Relashionship Management (CRM) platforms.

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